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Image by Andrei Stratu

Let us show you:

How to launch your emergency app system
in 90 days

Accessible to anybody, in any country worldwide


IWhy should youI Iwork with us?I

By working with us, you get insights from the team that develops and operates the official emergency app system called “nora” as SaaS, on behalf of all 

Federal States of Germany.

We share the system's success factors that enabled a national rollout to 300 PSAPs with over 15,000 PSAP operators literally “overnight”.

We show the drivers for quick emergency call dispatches with low support needs at 100% uptime while meeting highest standards for data as well as cyber security.

IWhat's nora?I

It's a full-fledged alternative to the ‘112/110’ phone call in Germany, particularly designed for people who can't use or have difficulty using the telephone, e.g. people with speech or hearing impairments, limited language knowledge, etc. 

nora is also open for everyone who needs rapid assistance in an emergency situation anywhere in Germany and is used by over 400,000 people and 15,000+ active PSAP operators.

nora provides its users with location determination, chat-based communication, as well as silent emergency calls.

IMoreI than just "an app"

 It comes with a ready-to-use control centre application and
fully fledged API for native integration

What Ithe mediaI says

“A system that works, for a change...
The highlight is that every police and rescue service emergency centre throughout Germany, without exception, has an interface to this app. Depending on your position, the right control centre is contacted immediately upon your emergency call so that there is no time delay.
Emergency calls have never been so easy.”

IWhoI are our experts?

Andreas_cropped (1)_edited.png

Martin Welp

Technical Program Manager

Andreas Matthies

Managing Director


Book a demo with us and
leave with only
one question:


"What should I name

my emergency app system?" 

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